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What Long Lasting Impact Does Surrogacy Have On The Surrogates’ Life?

What Long Lasting Impact Does Surrogacy Have On The Surrogates' Life?

Surrogacy can have a range of impacts on your life, long after the journey itself is complete – whether it’s developing a deep, lasting relationship with your intended family, or funding your family’s future.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the mark that surrogacy can leave – looking at both the emotional and financial components of this unique journey. 

Emotional Fulfillment

Surrogacy is known for the emotional component – both for the surrogate, and the intended parents. You’re helping a family to achieve what is already so dear to you, and seeing their excitement as their baby grows. Below are some of the common emotional impacts that surrogacy can have on your life.

The Joy of Helping a Family

At the core of surrogacy lies an extraordinary act of generosity. In fact, in a recent study, 91% of surrogates gave “wanting to help a childless couple” as their motivation behind their journey. Surrogates often describe the experience as profoundly fulfilling, as they play a crucial role in helping families achieve their dream of parenthood. The knowledge that they have made an immeasurable difference in someone else’s life can be a source of immense pride and satisfaction.

Building Lifelong Connections

Beyond the pride of helping a family grow, surrogacy can lead to the formation of deep and meaningful relationships. The bond between the surrogate and the intended parents can be incredibly strong, as they share an intimate and emotional journey together. Many surrogates choose to maintain long-term friendships with the families they help, adding an enriching layer to their social and emotional lives.

While an ongoing relationship can add to the benefits of surrogacy for some women, this is a personal decision that ultimately lives with the surrogate and intended parents in question. It is not essential, nor expected. Your surrogacy agency will help you to find a family that has similar wants as far as an ongoing relationship, during matching. 

Personal Growth and Empowerment

The surrogacy process requires physical endurance, emotional resilience, and a strong sense of empathy. Because of that, it’s not uncommon for surrogates to report a sense of empowerment and personal growth, having successfully navigated the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth on behalf of someone else. This experience can absolutely enhance self-esteem and reinforce your belief in her own strength and capabilities.

The Financial Impact

Beyond the emotional component, it’s necessary to also talk about the financial impact that becoming a surrogate can have on your life. Given the emotional complexities of pregnancy, and the potential risks associated, the compensation shouldn’t be the primary motivation – but it can absolutely be a nice benefit. 

Financial Stability & Opportunities

It’s no secret that becoming a surrogate can help your family financially  – with most first time surrogates earning around $60,000 in compensation for their help. This money can be used in a range of ways – paying off debts, buying a car, or funding a vacation are just a few examples. The financial stability gained through surrogacy can open up new opportunities and improve the overall quality of life for you and your family.

Our owner and founder, Kayla Reveal, even used her surrogacy compensation to put a down payment on a home to raise her children in.

Investment in the Future

For some surrogates, the compensation is a means to invest in their future. Whether it’s starting a business, pursuing higher education, or creating a safety net for their children’s education, the financial rewards of surrogacy can be a catalyst for long-term financial planning and security.

Potential Challenges When Becoming A Surrogate

As with all great opportunities, there are potential challenges that can impact your life as a surrogate – both during the journey itself, and potentially after. Below are some of the common concerns about the journey.

Physical and Emotional Toll

While surrogacy can be deeply fulfilling, it is not without its challenges. The physical demands of pregnancy, potential medical complications, and the emotional ups and downs are all significant considerations. Surrogates must be prepared for the physical and emotional commitment required, and have access to a strong support system both throughout and after the journey. 

Navigating Your Family’s Questions

Embarking on a surrogacy journey often means navigating a myriad of questions from your own children. Their curiosity can range from simple inquiries about the baby to deeper questions about why you’re carrying this baby and where they will go after. Open and honest communication is key to addressing their questions effectively. We always recommend explaining the surrogacy process in age-appropriate terms, emphasizing the act of kindness and the joy of helping another family. 

There are even books that can help explain the journey, and encourage a positive experience for your children too. Our favorite here at Reproductive Options is “The Baby in Mommy’s Tummy”.

Surrogacy leaves a lasting impact on the lives of surrogates, weaving together emotional fulfillment and financial benefits. The joy of helping others, the bonds formed, and the personal growth experienced are invaluable rewards that many surrogates treasure. Simultaneously, the financial compensation can provide significant opportunities and stability, only enhancing the surrogate’s life and their family’s future prospects.

For those considering surrogacy, understanding these multifaceted impacts is crucial. It is a decision that requires careful thought, a strong support system, and a willingness to embrace both the challenges and the rewards that come with this unique and life-changing experience.

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