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How To Qualify

Here at Reproductive Options, we know the risks that go into pregnancy and take care to remember the family that is on the other end of this. That’s why we take great care in ensuring that it’s the right move for everybody involved, including the surrogate.

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Surrogacy Qualifications

To become a surrogate, you must meet the below requirements. This is to help ensure the safety of both you and the baby that you carry.


You must be between 21 and 39, to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

There are a number of reasons that a woman’s BMI is important to her eligibility as a surrogate. A higher BMI has been associated with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and more – for the safety of everyone involved, you must have a healthy BMI.

Previous Pregnancy and Delivery History

Surrogates are required to have had one or more successful pregnancies and deliveries of their own to demonstrate their ability to safely carry a pregnancy to term without significant complications.

Financial Stability

The compensation surrogates receive is meant to supplement income, not be your main or sole revenue. Often, surrogates use the compensation for the betterment of their own families, including down payments on a home, financing their children’s college funds, or traveling.

Support System

Surrogates should have a strong support system in place, including the support of their immediate family, to help them through the physical and emotional challenges of surrogacy.

Stable Mental Health

Mental stability is critical for surrogates, because it can be an emotional experience. To become a surrogate, you would also undergo psychological evaluations to ensure you are emotionally prepared for the challenges of surrogacy. Ensuring that you’ll be mentally stable throughout the process protects not only you and the baby but also the intended parents.

No Drug Use

For the safety of the baby and everyone involved, recreational drug use is not permitted for any surrogates.

Successful Background Check

We form strong connections with all of our surrogates – and all of our intended parents, and we want what’s best for everyone involved. This means that all surrogates must pass a background check to allow intended parents to make informed decisions.

Begin Your Journey

Thank you for your interest in becoming a gestational surrogate with Reproductive Options. We are so excited to help you fulfill a family’s dream of starting a family. To get started, please fill out our confidential online application. Once this is complete, our team will be in touch and you will be able to spend as much time needed with our experienced intake specialist who will conduct a full interview and guide you through the intake process.

Hear From Our Families

- A Reproductive Options Parent
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“Kayla brings a unique skill set to her agency that is hard to beat. As a mother, former surrogate, and someone passionate about helping to create families, she has in-depth knowledge of surrogacy and the related legal, medical, and emotional considerations. Her guidance throughout our entire journey was invaluable. She helped us navigate each step with confidence.”
- A Reproductive Options Parent
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“From our initial consultation, matching, the contract, pregnancy, and beyond, Kayla consistently exhibited a commitment to excellence. She provided exceptional care and support to us at every stage. We couldn't have done it without her!”
- New parents B&T, baby boy born Thanksgiving Day 2023
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“We want to thank you so much for your help with managing the surrogacy process. You've been wonderful to work with on all of the logistics, etc., so please know that we are incredibly appreciative of everything that you've done for us.”
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