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Why Work With A Surrogacy Agency

Why Working With A Surrogacy Agency May Be Right For You

Recently, surrogacy has become an even more viable and rewarding option for many women seeking to help, and many couples seeking to grow their families. Whether due to infertility or medical conditions, surrogacy provides a path to parenthood that is filled with hope and possibility. 

But navigating the complexities of surrogacy can be overwhelming. The first question is before you even begin – should you work with a surrogacy agency, or not? We’ll be discussing the alternative, and why an agency may be the choice for you below.

What Is The Alternative To An Agency

There are some intended parents who opt not to use a surrogacy agency, meaning they manage it all themselves – including finding the gestational carrier. This can work really well for some families, especially if the intended parents and surrogate have been through this process before. 

However, with the independent route – sometimes called private surrogacy – there is a lot more responsibility sitting on both sides of the agreement’s shoulders. It spans much further than just finding the clinic – but also ensuring unbiased and fair funding, securing escrow, and developing accurate and binding contracts. 

This can make sense for some people – and there’s never any judgment on which route you choose to take. Just know that if there’s ever any doubt or uncertainty about embarking on a journey then rest assured that an agency can make it feel simpler. Below are some of the top reasons that an agency may be right for you.

Expertise and Experience

Resources For Legal Complexities

Surrogacy laws vary pretty significantly from state to state, and it can get confusing. A surrogacy agency typically has a variety of third party resources that they’ve worked for and can help vouch for, such as attorneys. This can help you to feel secure in the legal landscape and ensures that all agreements and procedures comply with relevant laws. 

Professional Guidance

From selecting a surrogate, to helping answer questions as you make your way through the process – we’re there to be a resource and advocate for both the parents and surrogate.

finalizing the birth process, an agency provides professional guidance at every step. Their expertise ensures that both the intended parents and the surrogate are supported throughout the journey, and they can help diffuse any situations or issues that may arise along the way.

Comprehensive Screening and Matching

Thorough Background Checks & Vetting

Here at Reproductive Options, we run rigorous background checks on the potential surrogates and intensely vet the intended parents. This ensures that the surrogate is physically and mentally prepared for the surrogacy process, and that the intended parents understand the steps involved. This vetting is what enables confidence in your journey, regardless of the side that you’re on. Independent journeys require much more upfront trust, and face value belief in each other. 

Compatibility Matching

Finding the right surrogate is crucial for a positive surrogacy experience, and is the most important piece here at Reproductive Options. Agencies use their experience to match intended parents with surrogates who align with their values, expectations, and needs, fostering a harmonious relationship that can truly thrive.

Financial Management

Transparent Cost Structure

Surrogacy involves various costs, from medical expenses to legal fees. Agencies provide a transparent breakdown of costs, helping intended parents understand and manage the financial aspects of surrogacy. On the flip side, this also helps the surrogate feel confident that they will receive their compensation as expected. 

Financial Protection

Agencies often work with experienced third party teams that hold funds in escrow to ensure that all payments are made promptly and appropriately, protecting both the surrogate and the intended parents from financial disputes.

Comprehensive Benefits

While this can absolutely vary from case to case, using an agency can ensure that everything is covered in the benefits package. This can include a range of things that could be missed or forgotten about in an independent journey, including a fair base compensation, and potential allowances; like maternity clothing, and more. 

Access to Resources

Medical Expertise

Agencies collaborate with top fertility clinics, doctors, and specialists to ensure the best medical care for the surrogate and the developing baby. This includes regular health check-ups, fertility treatments, and prenatal care. This can be handy because fertility clinics can get fairly backed up, and having an agency in your corner can keep the process moving.

Legal and Insurance Resources

Agencies provide access to legal experts specializing in reproductive law and help navigate insurance coverage, ensuring that all legal and medical needs are adequately addressed.

Peace of Mind

Structured Process

Working with an agency provides a structured and well-organized process. This reduces stress and uncertainty, allowing intended parents to focus on the joy of becoming parents.

Support Network

Being part of a surrogacy agency means joining a community of other intended parents and surrogates who have gone through or are going through similar experiences. This network can offer invaluable support, advice, and camaraderie.

Choosing to work with a surrogacy agency is a decision that can pretty dramatically change your surrogacy journey. The expertise, support, and resources an agency can offer not only mitigate the complexities and risks involved but also provide a nurturing environment where your dream of parenthood or helping a family grow can flourish. Whether you are just starting to explore surrogacy or are ready to take the next step, partnering with a surrogacy agency can make your journey more manageable, and secure.

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